General Mohammad Yasin Zia, who is one of the leaders of the Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF), is confident in growing resistance to the terrorist regime in Kabul.  

“The Taliban movement is at war against the people of Afghanistan and this makes the armed forms of resisting their regime legitimate,” General Yasin Zia told Russia’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta in an interview.  

Along with the National Resistance Front, the AFF is the leading force of the resistance movement emerging in Afghanistan today against the Taliban and other terrorist groups posing threat to the region’s security.  

Today, the AFF fighters are carrying out the most effective operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan’s cities, including Kabul and Kandahar.  

Concerning the political situation in Afghanistan, General Yasin Zia noted that Afghanistan is one of the few countries in the world that has never achieved mature political stability; the ruling elites in this country have been overthrown one after another.  

“In other words, a Taliban takeover is not something new, even considering its illegitimacy.  There were Taliban and they left, now they have come again and they will definitely be overthrown again,” the AFF leader.  “It means that the post-Taliban political order will also be doomed to be overthrown whenever he wants to wear the “dirty clothes” of the past.  In my opinion, the main reason for the overthrow of regimes in Afghanistan lies precisely in this.”   

The second factor, according to him, is of somewhat secondary importance compared to the first one and lies in interregional international relations and the Western world's disappointment with failures and inability of the republican era authorities to govern the country.

“The legitimacy of armed resistance to the Taliban is due to the fact that the Taliban do not comply with the legitimate demands of the Afghan people.  The movement that usurped political power through violent means will not submit to anything and is not capable of anything except violence and coercion,” the general said, noting that Afghan society is full of motivation to rebel against the Taliban regime.   

General Mohammad Yasin Zia is an Afghan military officer and politician. He is a former Chief of General Staff, former Deputy Defense Minister, and former governor of Takhar Province, Afghanistan.  Zia has also served as head of Afghanistan's counter terrorism unit (2011) and as the deputy director of the National Directorate of Security (2011–2015).  

General Yasin Zia has a degree in military and intelligence affairs and a background in Jamiat-e Islami.

In 2022, he was reported to be one of the leaders of the anti-Taliban Afghanistan Freedom Front (AFF), an anti-Taliban militant group operating in Afghanistan.  In some parts of Afghanistan, the AFF and National Resistance Front (NRF) collaborate on anti-Taliban operations.

In March 2022, the AFF announced its formation to the public via social media.  On April 14, 2022, the AFF reported that its fighters have engaged Taliban forces simultaneously in Badakhshan, Baghlan, Kandahar, Parwan, Takhar, Laghman and Samangan  

Some sources say that according to an AFF representative, the group is mobile, but operates in Salang valley in Parwan province; the Andarab and Khost-Farang districts in Baghlan province; the Ishkamish district in Takhar province as well as Sar-e-Pol, Nuristan, and Faryab provinces.[2]